Music is a transcendent experience. We gravitate toward

Music is a transcendent experience. We gravitate toward a band or artist because we like their sound, but more than that, we identify with them in some way. I have never agreed with worshipping the 3 minute, 3 chord pop songs of a poster boy for a musical movement just because it’s the sexy, trendy thing to do. Organic artistry often gets passed over for the one who sells the most records, but that kind of listening experience is so empty to me. It’s the Britney vs. Christina scenario. It’s the Kurt vs. Billy argument. I’m willing to take the brunt. I’ll choose the music that transports me to vast emotional landscapes over the hollow echoes of sold out arenas any day.


Never be ashamed for reacting to something in

Never be ashamed for reacting to something in an emotional way. Art, music, dance, people, and circumstance can evoke passionate responses in us, both positive and negative. Whichever way you’re feeling is correct. Feeling emotional doesn’t make you moody or unstable, it makes you human. Give thanks for your emotional capacity. It means you’re not numbed out or desensitized to the beauty, pain, and pleasures of the world.